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Solar Energy: The Way of the Future

The energy landscape is changing. More countries are relying on renewable energy sources and are attempting to phase out fossil fuels. When one examines the speed with which the transition is occurring, the findings are somewhat staggering. Frost & Sullivan reported that revenues in global solar power market are expected to more than double by 2020, from $60 billion in 2013 to $137 billion.

So, what does the vision of the near future look like for solar industry?

Making Different in Energy

S.I.P. brings the power of the sun to your home or business with our leading-edge S.I.P. lighting designs, where we can take low-wattage LED and the amazing power of PV and solar to magnify the effect for lighting. At the same time, our advanced design is more than capable of jump-starting your PV panels 2/110-volt system lighting low power draw for PV. We can use the same design to close in the PV farm without cooling material which will speed up the growth of your crops.

Plants Beneath an S.I.P. Jump Box

Agricultural Applications

Don't let your location in the world stop you from growing organic and delicious food. Using solar and PV energy as a power source and incorporating LED lighting along with S.I.P. magnification, we can disburse the needed energy to grow your crops. By attaching an S.I.P. Jump Box to your growing operation, we can increase your farm's effectiveness. Our system is encased in a wood frame so that it can breathe with the element. Components and wiring are housed in a compartment, where all together with the panels, reduces heat and makes the Jump Box completely safe for whatever environment and space you grow in.

Adjustable Solutions for Efficient Growth

Adjust your S.I.P. grow light easily as your plants grow. In nature, plants need to rest from the heat; but if they get light with no heat, they will grow continuously. Each PV panel blocks just enough light to keep your plants cool and less stressed from heat. From a number of tests, we have determined that growing this way requires less water and produces healthy robust plants that feature pleasant aromas and vivid colors.

While maintenance on PV farms may be a huge expense, we can replace that with biodegradable growing trays, which will be sitting in plastic soaking trays. The water mister comes down from the front of the panels as water travels from the trough and is dispensed into the tray for the plants.

Featured S.I.P. Designs

The possibilities are endless when it comes to solar power and green-friendly technology. S.I.P. has developed a number of household appliances and applications that use this efficient energy alternative. Some of our concepts include:

• Pet Houses
• Floral Arrangements
• Holiday Decorations
• Silk Screens with Security Cameras
• Kids' Playhouses
• Truck Advertising
• 4-Wheels along with Race Tracks
• Road Signs
• Birdhouses
• Slow-Release Feeders
• Plaques
• Exterior Pictures
• Show Boxes
• Camper Lighting
• Car Tags
• Airplane Black Boxes
• ATMs
• Ships
• Hot Air Balloons
• Grow Farms
• Train Crossing Signs
• Fences
• Running Wear for Night
• Jump Boxes

Schematics and Renderings — Click to Enlarge

Birdhouse Render - Front Birdhouse Render - Rear Birdhouse Render - Interior
Grow Box Render Grow Box Render - Alternate Mailbox Render
Mailbox Render - Front Birdhouse Schematic - Rear Birdhouse Schematic - Front