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Harnessing Solar Energy for Agriculture

Enjoy better-tasting vegetables and herbs, along with more beautiful flowers, with a new sustainable agricultural solution that leverages the power of the sun. S.I.P. has come up with a design that uses a PV power source to connect with LEDs to make growing easier and more efficient. Plants will see adjustable artificial lighting for farming and will enjoy uninterrupted growth in a natural environment with less water. With an adjustable Jump Box, and the addition of a misting system similar to the produce cases of a grocery store, you can control the environment in which your crops grow. S.I.P. also applies solar power to more than 30 commercial-based products and 6 industrial-based products that allow your company to be more self-sustainable.

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Our Mission

  • Our global mission is to "Light Up the Night Sky," while accelerating affordable worldwide availability of its unique patented solar solution.
  • To provide an affordable means of encouraging others to take, invent, and use new, more sustainable solutions.
  • To better our way of life through the increased use of efficient solar energy.
  • S.I.P. seeks to use our concepts, designs, and innovative solutions to help accelerate solar energy production in all areas across the globe and does so by licensing them.

Find out how we can help you take advantage of solar energy for your farm.

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About Us

Tammy James, CEO

After years of starting businesses and employing dozens of employees in those ventures, our CEO, Tammy L. James, decided to retire to take care of her husband after a distinguished 24-year career in the US Air Force. These years of experience inspired her to create S.I.P. birdhouses, along with many other solar-powered designs, including flower arrangements, license plates, picture frames, and more.

S.I.P. is motivated by a passion to create through design and innovation, offering solutions that deliver efficient products that power the world for a brighter tomorrow.

We take pride that our products are paving the way for a brighter and environmentally-friendly tomorrow. As an American company, we want to create jobs in the US and promote the ingenuity of American-made designs.

Our S.I.P. team resources include

• CEO Tammy Lee James
• VP Legal Timothy Ragland
• VP & Marketing Director Glenn Warrington • VP Securities Peter Smith


Strathmore Who's Who
• American Blood Drive Donor 
• Veterans of Foreign Wars • Wounded Warriors

Awards and Recognitions

• Awarded Highest Honors from President George W. Bush for Accomplishments and Services to the United States Air Force in 2014
• Awarded by Strathmore Who's Who — Solar Energy Device Designer of the Year, 2014
• Awarded by Strathmore Who's Who — Device Designer of the Year, 2015


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